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Premium Rehab Solutions

Our Comprehensive Rehab Approach is more than just a service; it’s a complete package designed to elevate your rehab program to outstanding levels. How do we achieve this? Through a balance of highly qualified therapists, effective clinical programs, targeted facility training, and a deep commitment to care.

Strategic Management, Remarkable Outcomes

With our comprehensive program, you can say goodbye to rising staff costs, staffing shortages, and lost revenue concerns. We take care of managing your rehab program, ensuring it stays current with all reimbursement, regulatory and legislative updates. This means less stress for you and better outcomes for your patients.

From Acceptable to Astonishing

Ready to transform your rehab department? Tender Touch is here to help. We’ll evaluate your current program and develop a tailored plan that fits your unique needs, taking your rehab program from good to great.

Additional Services

Looking for more? Tender Touch also offers Nurse Practitioner and MDS consulting services, adding even more value to your facility’s success.

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